Jim Taricani Raves About “Rogue Island” in Print and on TV

Jim Taricani, veteran Rhode Island investigative reporter, raves about my new crime novel, Rogue Island, in a print review and a TV spot just in time for the book’s release. Please read the review and then link to the TV spot below:

By Jim Taricani, WJAR-TV, Providence

If you, “know a guy”—and if you’ve been a resident of the fine State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations for more than a day, you probably do “know a guy”—you’ll be wise to buy a copy of a new novel by Bruce DeSilva, Rogue Island.

DeSilva, formerly an investigative reporter for The Providence Journal and writing coach for The Associated Press, has written his first novel. The narrator is a wise-cracking, old fashioned investigative reporter for a dying newspaper in Providence.

The reporter, Liam Mulligan, finds himself investigating a string of deadly fires set by an arsonist in the fictional Mt. Hope section of the city.

Mulligan, a cigar-smoking, drink-too-much, womanizing investigative reporter, is tight with cops, firefighters, and politicians, both the honest, and not-so-honest types, and converses easily with neighborhood wiseguys.

One of Mulligan’s go-to street sources is a wiseguy by the name of Dominic Zerilli—whose nickname is “Woosh”—the name derived from the flash paper Zerilli used as a bookie, the kind of paper that when the cops come calling, bookies like Zerilli ignite with the butt they’re smoking, instantly destroying the evidence.

“Watch where you flick those f…’n ashes,” Zerilli warns Mulligan as he lights another of his cigars.

DeSilva has masterfully developed the character of Mulligan, who he admits is part auto-biographical.  For the most part, Rogue Island is a work of fiction, but fiction that many Rhode Islanders will swear they’ve experienced in real life.

“The plot isn’t based on any real event,” DeSilva said. “It’s entirely made up, but the experience of being an investigative journalist in Rhode Island is reflected in a lot of what I wrote.”

The rich dialogue, the perfect pacing and the meaningful humor make Rogue Island a pure pleasure to read.

The plot is thrilling, and Mulligan’s relationship with his nagging ex-wife, a girlfriend, and a woman who wants to be his girlfriend, keeps a reader laughing throughout the book.

DeSilva’s writing style reminds me of writings of authors like the late Robert Parker, and James Lee Burke. This first time novelist’s dialogue is sharp and clean, and Mulligan’s sardonic wit makes for an impressionable and lasting character.

DeSilva is nearly finished with his second novel, using Liam Mulligan as the centerpiece once again.

Rogue Island and its author DeSilva make “an offer Rhode Islanders shouldn’t refuse.”

Please link to the TV spot here.

The book is available at many bookstores and at amazon.com.

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