Four Major Reviews of “Rogue Island, All Raves, Just Landed

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Who says so? The Associated Press, The Providence Journal, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, and Suspense Magazine.

Sam Coale, the Wheaton College literature professor who reviewed for The Providence newspaper, where the crime novel is set, said in part:
“DeSilva creates an entire authentic realm that bristles with intrigue, revenge and paybacks, along with folks who bellow, ‘Shut up, daboatayuz’ (the both of you) and ‘Jeet yet?’ (Did you eat yet?). Ya gotta love ’em.”

Jonathan Lopez the author of the Edgar-nominated true-crime book The Man Who Made Vermeers, who reviewed for The Associated Press, said in part:

“Like Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer, Mulligan serves the cause of justice while drinking, bantering, smoking, fighting and exerting an irresistible attraction on members of the opposite sex. But self-doubt, not swagger, turns out to be his most interesting quality. As newspapers across the country struggle for survival and once-mighty media corporations teeter on the verge of bankruptcy, Mulligan is keenly aware that his cherished way of life could vanish at any moment.”

And Mark P. Sadler, author of Blood on His Hands, who reviewed for Suspense Magazine, said in part:

“With charisma, grit and the knowledge that all will be right in the world as long as the Red Sox win the pennant, DeSilva leads us through the world of the local newspaper reporter. In this tough, barred-knuckles fight the good guy is triumphant this time…until the next big story, and boy I’ll be waiting to read that one too.”

To read the full reviews, please click on these links:

Associated Press
Providence Journal
Minneapolis Star Tribune

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