Downloadable Audio Version of “Rogue Island” Now Available

At long last, a high-quality audio version of my Edgar Award-winning crime novel, Rogue Island, is available for download.  And I love it.

Audible, the company that produced the recording, was a dream to work with. I worked directly with the gracious Stephen Feldberg, senior director of business development. He had several professional readers audition by reading a portion of my book and then let me choose my favorite.

I chose a veteran, Jeff Woodman, who also was great to work with.  Jeff called me several times to discuss how some of the characters should sound and to check and recheck how people in Rhode Island, where the novel is set, pronounce various words and place names. (For example, the city of Pawtucket is pronounced PuhTUCKit.)

I also got to record the introduction myself.  You can purchase the download by clicking here.

But there’s more to this story.

The first attempt to produce an audio book of Rogue Island was a disaster.

My agent was negotiating a deal with Tantor, which records and markets books on CD, when that company, without benefit of a signed contract, recorded the novel and put it on the market.

The recording was dreadful. The veteran reader Tantor chose, a guy who had done a good job with other kinds of books, was a totally inappropriate choice for a hard-boiled crime novel. His interpretation sounded like a supercilious, over-educated interior decorator reading to an audience of children. Worse, neither he nor anyone else at Tantor got in touch about pronunciations. As a result, he read in an accent that sounded nothing like the way Rhode Islanders speak, and he mispronounced some of the names of places and characters.

Tantor was slow in responding to my agent’s request that they remove this version from the market, although they finally complied. And our request for an accounting of Tantor’s sales of its version have been met with stony silence.

To any one who had the misfortune to buy Tantor’s unauthorized version of the book, I am sorry.

Meanwhile, a trade paperback edition of Rogue Island will be published on June 21, and is available for pre-order. A Kindle version is also available. You can order them here. The hard cover edition is in rather short supply now.

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