Crime Novelist Timothy Hallinan Interviews Me

Timothy Hallinan

Timothy Hallinan, one of the best crime writers around, interviewed me for his blog today. You can find the whole interview here.

Meanwhile, here’s a taste:

Bruce DeSilva is the kind of writer other writers would hate if he weren’t such a good guy.

I mean, come on.  Forty years of journalism experience, much of it spent in the dizzying heights of the Associated Press, editing stories that won everything from a Pulitzer on down. Decides to write a book.  Wins absolutely everything in sight, including the Edgar and the Macavity.  Hangs around with me prior to the awards presentation so that my not winning has a special sting, that feeling that the thunderbolt just missed. Except that ROGUE ISLAND is a really wonderful book and deserves everything it gets.

I asked Bruce to come aboard and talk about it all, and he said yes.  So here he is.

What did you bring to ROGUE ISLAND from your years in print journalism?

Hundreds of things, really, but I’ll limit my answer to this: Journalism taught me how vital reporting – especially investigative reporting – is to the health of the American democracy. Investigative reporting is time-consuming and expensive; and as newspapers continue to shrivel, no other institution (certainly not TV or news Websites) has demonstrated the will, the ethics and the financial commitment required to do it consistently, honestly, and well. The hero of ROGUE ISLAND is an investigative reporter at a dying newspaper. I hope that as readers see the dedication and skill with which he works, they will better appreciate what is being lost as great local and metropolitan newspapers pass into history. I tried to make the novel both a compelling crime story and a lyrical epitaph for the business that I love.

About Bruce DeSilva

Crime Novelist
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