Look Who’s Reading “Rogue Island” Now! It’s Crime-Writing Legend Robert Randisi

Robert Randisi

Robert Randisi is nothing if not prolific. He’s written more than 500 novels and hundreds of short stories. That is not a misprint.

I’m just writing my third one now, and he’s younger than me. Of course, he’s been doing it for decades, and I’m just getting started. (I wanted to give him a running start.)

Bob, as I learned to call him when we met at Bouchercon a couple of months ago, is best known for his crime novels, but he has also written bunches of westerns. His work has appeared under his own name and under a passel of pseudonyms including W.B. Longley, Robert Lake, Spenser Fortune, Tom Cutter, Cole Weston, and a bunch more I can’t remember just now.

He’s the guy who started Mystery Scene Magazine and is the founder of the Private Eye Writers of America (the group that hands out the Shamus Awards).

Among his huge body of work, I particularly like his “Rat Pack” mystery series.

Rogue Island, winner of both the Edgar and Macavity Awards, is available in hardcover, trade paperback, Kindle, and downloadable audio editions. You can find them here.


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