Checked Out Bill Crider’s and Michael Haskins’ Crime Novels Yet?

Bill Crider and Michael Haskins, two fine crime novelists, have books that you might want to check out.

Michael Haskins’ Stairway to the Bottom:  After finding a murdered female killer from the Cold War era, Mick Murphy faces off with a hit man for Whitey Bulger who has escaped from witness protection to collect Bulger’s hidden millions. At the same time, retired Cold War agents come to Key West looking for someone that walked off with more than $20 million in diamonds and they think the missing hit man is their guy. Murphy thinks the situation is funny as he meets and talks to the agents, but dislikes the hit man even though Padre Thomas has given him absolution. It’s not long before his buddy Norm shows up with CIA agents looking for the diamonds. They are soon followed by the British, French, Israeli and Russian spy agencies. Everyone assumes Murphy can lead them to the Cold War agent, while Murphy tries helplessly to explain the man they are looking for is a Boston gangster. On the water, snorkeling at the reef with Tita, Norm and a female CIA agent everything in Murphy’s world begins to unravel. As both those looking for the hit man and those looking for the diamonds collide, Murphy’s world changes forever. You can purchase it here.

Bill Crider’s Dead on the Island, my favorite of the Truman Smith adventures, finds the private eye returning to his hometown of Galveston to investigate the disappearance of his sister. He runs into people from his past, finds a cat, and gets into lots of trouble, Publisher’s Weekly say Smith is “a moody, introspective PI in the finest tradition, who works in a seamy city smoldering with old and dangerous secrets.” You can purchase the Truman Smith mysteries here.

Novelist Paul D. Brazill has a nice interview with Haskins that you can find here.

And novelist Timothy Hallinan has a fine interview with Crider that you can find here.

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