A Master’s Wise And Practical Writing Advice

Don Fry begins his wise and practical  book of writing advice this way:  “Here’s a radical idea: You can escape your teachers. You can write in ways suited to you, rather than ways you were taught.”

In “Writing Your Way,” he offers hundreds upon hundreds of the writing tools complied over a lifetime of teaching, of careful reading, and of observing the professional writers who flock to him for advice. And then he demonstrates how to make use of the ones that work for YOU while ignoring the rest.

Great writing coaches are as scarce as Tar Heels fans at a Blue Devils pep rally. Fry, former head of the writing and ethics faculties at the prestigious Poynter Institute, is one of the greatest of all time. I’m a professional writer with 40 years of journalism and two novels behind me, but I’ve never stopped learning from him–and never will.

Whether you are a novice or a professional, this book will make you a better writer. You can buy it here.

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1 Response to A Master’s Wise And Practical Writing Advice

  1. utenzi says:

    You had me at the mention of the Tar Heels but did you have to then include those nasty Blue Devils?.

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