The True Story Behind White Bulger, Corrupt FBI Agents, and the Investigator Who Brought Them to Justice

As a journalist born and bred just south of Boston, I followed the Whitey Bulger saga closely and even had a hand in breaking a big story or two about the mobster and his corrupt allies in the Boston Bureau of the FBI.

But Betrayal by Robert Fitzpatrick and Jon Land spills details about the decades-long case that even I had never heard.

Fitzpatrick, a poor kid who grew up to be a tenacious FBI agent, was the man top bureau officials handpicked to get to the bottom of accusations that FBI agents had protected the mobster, tipping him off when the Massachusetts State Police got too close and even looking the other way when he committed murders.

Land, a veteran crime novelist and a native New Englander, was put together with Fitzpatrick to help him spin the tale.

The story takes the reader along as Fitzpatrick blows the lid off the long-hidden web of drug-dealing, hijacking, murder, and official malfeasance.

The result is a book that is not to be missed by those who have followed the famous case for years, as well as for those who didn’t.

You can buy the book here.

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