An Italian Website Reviews the Italian Edition of “Rogue Island.”

Rogue Island, the title of my first novel, is a pun (a play on “Rhode Island”), so it doesn’t translate into Italian. The Italian edition of the book, just published by a major house in Italy, has been retitled Il Piromane, meaning the Pyromaniac. And it was just reviewed by Thriller Cafe, a leading Italian book review website.

The review begins with a brief summary of the plot and then, (according to Google translate), it says this.

The Pyromanic could be described as a masterful exploration of investigative journalism in 349 pages. Released from the pen of a 40-year veteran of the press, Bruce DeSilva, this fiction debut has already received great acclaim in the United States, winning the Edgar Award for best first novel.

“With few but precise outlines, DeSilva draws the various actors in this drama, giving to each language and psychological motivations conforming to their nature, and making them so vivid that the reader is led to expect that they can almost pierce the pages and stand in the air.

“The issues addressed are the most current one can imagine: the crisis of print media, corruption at every level of government, the struggle with organized crime (which now prefers to move quietly, creeping into the economy), the incompetence of leading political figures.

“A final note concerns the style of writing: short and incisive descriptions, and facts described with great clarity. From a technical standpoint, this newcomer renews and surprises us by introducing an irreverent and sometimes painful irony that helps us savor every sensation, every inhaled scent, and perceive even the vibrations of insecurity in the voices of fools, as only great teachers can do.

“True. No, beautiful.”

You can read the entire review in its original Italian here.

Cliff Walk, the sequel to Rogue Island, will be published in the U.S. on May 22. Advance hardcover and kindle copies can be purchase here.

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