Sons of Spade Website Interviews Me About “Cliff Walk.”

Sons of Spade, a website dedicated to hard-boiled crime fiction, just interviewed me about my new Liam Mulligan crime novel, Cliff Walk.

Early in the interview, I was asked if I had to do much research for the book. Here’s my reply: 

Yes and no. In a sense, the Mulligan novels took forty years to research because they draw on everything I learned about Rhode Island’s cops, street thugs, journalists, corrupt politics, and organized crime figures during my 40-year journalism career, about a third of it spent at The Providence Journal, the state’s largest paper. I was well prepared to write these books. But when I started Cliff Walk, I did not know much about the inner workings of Rhode Island’s thriving sex trade. So I spent many dreary evenings hanging out at Cheaters, the Cadillac Lounge and several of the state’s other strip clubs where prostitution was openly practiced, discretely questioning bartenders, bouncers, and naked hookers who kept climbing into my lap. Since I’m a married man, that could have had serious consequences. Lucky for me, my wife found my research hilarious.

You can find the entire interview here.

Cliff Walk is the sequel to Rogue Island, winner of the Edgar and Macavity Awards. The new novel, which has received starred reviews from both Publishers Weekly and Booklist, goes on sale on May 22 and is available for advance orders here.


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