Legendary Writing Coach Don Fry Loves “Cliff Walk.”

Don Fry

Don Fry, the great legendary writing coach, took the time to write a review of my new Mulligan crime novel, Cliff Walk.  Here’s what he had to say:

One of the reasons to write a novel is to attack all the things that drive you crazy; another is to celebrate the things you love. Bruce DeSilva’s second mystery novel, Cliff Walk, does both.

He attacks child molesters, pornographers, sex pedlars, corrupt politicians, drug dealers, prostitution, and the stupid owners of newspapers who are destroying journalism. He celebrates Rhode Island, corruption at all levels of government and society, weirdos of every kind, deep-digging newspaper reporters, and his wife, the poet Patricia Smith.

With two menus like that, you get an over-the-top story populated by rich characters with wonderful names: Dominic “Whoosh” Zerilli, Raymond L. S. Patriarca, Bobo Marrapese, Pro Lerner, Frank Salemme, Dickie Callei, Red Kelly, Jackie Nazarian, Rudy Sciarra, Blackjack Baldelli, Knuckles Grieco, etc., many of them, I suspect, real.

The plot involves the murder at a snazzy party on the Newport Cliff Walk of a prominent sex merchant, and weaves through the bottom feeders and top feeders of Rhode Island, toward a surprise ending.

DeSilva’s prose crackles with unexpected sentences: “Seagulls had strafed with building again overnight, continuing their war of turds with the current administration,” or “the water is sometimes streaked with sewage, and quahogs angry with coliform bacteria pave the mucky bottom.”

Beginning journalists could learn three primers worth of investigative techniques from the hero’s adventures and misadventures. If you like swagger, you’ll love this tale.

Thanks, Don!

Cliff Walk is the sequel to my Edgar Award-winning first novel, Rogue Island. You can buy both of them here.



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