Falling for Catlin Strong, Jon Land’s Sexy, Courageous Heroine

I‘ve always preferred strong, capable women.

No surprise, then, that I’ve fallen for Texas Ranger Catlin Strong, the hero of a series of thrillers by veteran novelist Jon Land. Catlin, the scion of three generations of rangers, is tough, incorruptible, sexy, courageous, and as sharp as they come. And she shoots as fast and straight as any of her legendary ancestors.

As I wrote in a review of a previous Catlin Strong adventure, she brings to mind a female version of John McClain of “Die Hard,” from her unlikely feats of superheroism to her passion for those closest to her.

Now Catlin is back in Strong Vengance, the forth book in the series. This time, her investigation of a fatal explosion on an offshore oil rig leads her to suspect a wider terrorist plot that threatens the lives of tens of thousands of Americans.

The high-octane yarn involves, among other things, a home-grown Muslim cleric, Catlin’s thug-turned-good-guy boyfriend, a cover-your-butt-at-all-costs Homeland Security official, and the long-unsolved murder of some college frat boys. It also includes a surprising connection to a Texas legend:  the attack on a treasure-bearing slave ship by Jim Bowie and Jean Laffite off the Texas coast in 1818.

Like the other books in the series –including Strong at the Break , which was named one of the top thrillers of the year by Library Journal and one of the best books of the year by Strand magazine–the new one is fast paced, action-packed, and a hoot to read.

You can find all the Catlin Strong books here.

Disclosure:  I’ve known Jon for several years and consider him a friend. He helped get my first Liam Mulligan novel, Rogue Island, published by recommending it to his publisher. And he wrote a glowing review of my new novel, Cliff Walk. But if I didn’t enjoy his books, I wouldn’t recommend them. I’d just keep my mouth shut.

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1 Response to Falling for Catlin Strong, Jon Land’s Sexy, Courageous Heroine

  1. Looks an interesting book. I love a plot with a strong female heroine, so I might just have a read of this. Thanks for recommending.

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