The Library Police Interview Me About My Crime Novels

Me at the Mysterious Bookshop

Josh Mauthe and Dietrich Stonger, a.k.a. The Library Police, have one of the best websites and podcasts dedicated to crime fiction. They interviewed me recently about my crime novels, Rogue Island and Cliff Walk, and to hear them tell it, it’s one of the best interviews they’ve ever done.

In introducing the interview, Josh and Dietrich said this:

There are few transitions more difficult than stepping from the strictly formulated structure of journalist prose to the art of the novel, and few authors who have made the transition more seamlessly than Bruce DeSilva. DeSilva spent nearly 40 years excelling as a journalist and newspaper editor, working on award-winning articles and coaching reporters at the Associated Press and many more publications. When he stepped into novels, he promptly produced a pair of books that were critical home runs, winning the Edgar and Maccavity awards for crime fiction. DeSilva talks to us about the difference in writing articles and prose, the benefit his years of pounding the streets have given him as an author, and a hysterical perspective on the Old Testament from a journalist’s point of view.

You can find the audio here. Give it a listen. I think you’ll like it.

Rogue Island, my first hardboiled crime novel featuring Liam Mulligan, an investigative reporter for a dying Providence, Rhode Island, newspaper, won the Edgar Award and the Macavity Award and was a finalist for the Shamus, Barry, and Anthony Awards. Reviewers say the second Mulligan novel, Cliff Walk, is even better. You can purchase the Mulligan novels here.

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