Netflix Preferences of America’s Top Artists

sharknadoWhat do America’s most creative and talented artists watch on Netflix?

I recently spent a week at an artist colony peopled by some of our finest writers, dancers, choreographers, sculptors and painters. There was a single Netflix account for all of the artists’ residences, so by checking the “recently viewed” list, I found the answer.

So what are you expecting? Foreign art films with subtitles? Sundance and Cannes winners? Nope.

It was mostly campy horror flix with titles like “Frankenstein’s Army,” “Zombie Apocalypse,” “Sharknado,” “Infected,” “Berlin Undead,” “Godzilla’s Revenge,” and “Leprechan.” There was also quite a bit of standup comedy from the likes of Jim Norton, Bill Burr, and the Sklar Brothers.

For some reason, I find this comforting.

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