“Rogue Island” To Be Published in China

Final Paperback CoverRogue Island, the first hardboiled crime novel in my series featuring Liam Mulligan, has been purchased by Yilin Press, a major Chinese publisher. The book will be translated and sold in both print and e-book editions in China. This makes the eleventh foreign deal for the Mulligan series.

There are four Mulligan novels in print in the U.S., and the fifth, The Dread Line, will be published in hard cover and e-book editions next September.  I’m both amazed and thrilled that Mulligan has fans all over the world.

A Scourge of Vipers by Bruce DeSilva is the fourth in my Edgar Award-winning series of hardboiled crime novels featuring Liam Mulligan, an investigative reporter for a dying newspaper in Providence, R.I.  The new novel has received rave reviews in The New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and a host of other publications. You can order any of the books in the series from independent or chain online bookstores by following this link.

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