Offering Scarce, Signed First Printing, First Edition Copies of My Mulligan Crime Novels

First edition, first printing copies of the four books in my Edgar Award-winning series of crime novels are quite scarce. Why?  Because my cautious publisher, Forge, printed only 5,000 each (before each of the books went into subsequent editions and printings.) And few of the first printings survive in pristine condition.

I am offering signed copies of each of these novel in very limited quantities.

— 10 copies of the fourth novel, A Scourge of Vipers at $26 each.

— 9 copies of the third novel, Providence Rag, at $40 each.

— 10 copies of the second, Cliff Walk at $40 each.

— And just 4 copies of the first novel, Rogue Island, which won both the Edgar Award and the Macavity Award — is VERY hard to come by — at $99 each.

Each will arrive signed by me or, if you prefer, with an inscription of your choice.

The books are listed for a fixed price on eBay. Below are the links for making a purchase.

For A Scourge of Vipers  click here.

For Providence Rag, click here.

For Cliff Walk, click here.

For Rogue Island, click here.

Walter Mosley

Author Walter Mosley reading “Rogue Island”


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