Who’s Reading “A Scourge of Vipers” Now? It’s Mississippi Bluesman Theodis Ealey!

Bluesman Theodis Ealey reading Bruce DeSilva's crime novel, "A Scourge of Vipers."

Bluesman Theodis Ealey reading Bruce DeSilva’s crime novel, “A Scourge of Vipers.”

Theodis Ealey is a blues singer, guitar player and song writer who has performed with the likes of Little Milton, Johnny Clyde Copeland, the Blues Brothers, and the ‘legendary’ Charles Brown.

He traces his love of music to a childhood living across from Miss Willie Mae’s Juke Joint in Natchez, Mississippi. “I would just sit on the steps and listen to the sounds coming from there”– the heart and soul of the blues. You can learn more about him and his work here.

My wife Patricia and I met Theodis on a blues cruise last fall, and that’s when I snapped the picture.

Liam Mulligan, the hero of my Edgar Award-winning series of crime novels, loves the blues as much as I do, listening to the likes of Buddy Guy, Tommy Castro, Jimmy Thackery and others as he cruises around New England looking for trouble. And Roomful of Blues, a band fronted by my buddy Phil Pemberton, has made an appearance in two of the novels.

A Scourge of Vipers by Bruce DeSilva is the fourth book in the series, which has received rave reviews in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Publishers Weekly, and a host of other publications. You can order any of them from independent or chain online bookstores by following this link.

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