Best-Selling Mystery Writer Reed Farrel Coleman Raves About “THE DREAD LINE”

Reed Farrel Coleman, reading one of my previous novels, "A Scourge of Vipers."

Reed Farrel Coleman, reading one of my previous novels, “A Scourge of Vipers.”

Reed Farrel Coleman, the best-selling mystery author who is now writing the Jesse Stone series originated by the late Robert B. Parker, says this about the latest book in my Edgar Award-winning series of hard-boiled crime novels:

“From the great first line, through the smart twisty plot, to the final word, Bruce DeSilva’s  The Dread Line is pure magic. Mulligan is a Hall of Fame PI who’d fit comfortably between Marlowe, Spade, and Easy Rawlins.”

The novel will be published on Sept. 6, but it can be ordered in advance from or other booksellers including independents here.

The plot summary:


Since he got fired from his newspaper job last year, former investigative reporter Liam Mulligan has been piecing together a new life for himself—one that straddles both sides of the law. He’s getting some part-time work with his friend McCracken’s detective agency. He’s picking up beer money by freelancing for a local news website. And he’s looking after his semi-retired mobster-friend’s bookmaking business. But Mulligan still manages to find trouble—when it isn’t finding him. He’s feuding with a serial-killer cat that leaves its kills on his porch. He’s so obsessed with a baffling jewelry robbery that he can’t let it go. And he’s enraged that someone in town is torturing animals. All of this distracts him from a big case that needs his full attention. The New England Patriots, shaken by murder charges against one of their players, have hired Mulligan and McCracken to investigate the background of a college star they’re thinking of drafting. At first, the job seems routine, but when they begin asking questions, they get push-back. The player has something to hide—and someone is willing to kill to make sure it remains secret. 

You can learn more about Reed Farrel Coleman and his fine books here.



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