David Morrell, Creator of Rambo, calls “The Dread Line” Terrific!

dread lineA big thank you to David Morrell, whose many fine novels include First Blood, which introduced the world to Rambo, for recommending The Dread Line, the fifth in my Edgar Award-winning series of hardboiled crime novels.

Here’s what the great man had to say:

“Here’s a funny story about award ceremonies. Some years ago, I was nominated for an award in one category while Bruce DeSilva was nominated in another category. At a reception before the ceremony, he and I were talking when one of the judges came over to us. I knew this person was a judge because of the JUDGE badge.

“Anyway, I might as well have been invisible as the judge struck up an enthusiastic conversation with Silva and ignored me. What did this tell me? That there was no way I’d won the award in my category, but that Bruce had definitely won in his. Which proved to be this case.

David Morrell reading the fourth book in my hardboiled crime series.

David Morrell reading the fourth book in my hardboiled crime series.

“He has a terrific new mystery called THE DREAD LINE, which involves the New England Patriots. For old time sake (that memorable awards ceremony), I can’t resist letting you know about Bruce and this great series. Check it out.”

In the new novel, the New England Patriots, still shaken by a series of murder charges against their star tight end, Aaron Hernandez, (true story) have hired Mulligan and McCracken (not a true story) to investigate the background of a college player they are thinking of drafting. At first, the job seems routine, but as soon as they begin asking questions, they get push-back. The player has something to hide, and someone is willing to kill to make sure it remains secret.

To order The Dread Line by Bruce DeSilva from a choice of independent or chain online bookstores, please click here. 

Learn more about David and his fine work here.


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