My Review of Paul Doiron’s New Crime Novel, “Knife Creek”

In Knife Creek, Paul Doiron’s eighth crime novel featuring Maine game warden Mike Bowditch, the characters are so well-drawn that you can reach out and shake their hands, and the rural landscape is so vividly portrayed that you can smell wildflowers, marvel at the swarms of fireflies, and feel the sting of the blood-thirsty insects. But the author’s finest achievement is the evolution of Bowditch himself.

Doiron’s hero has come a long way since The Poacher’s Son, when he was introduced as a hot-headed, insubordinate rookie game warden struggling to keep his personal demons in check. As the series has progressed, Bowditch has gradually matured, coming to terms with his troubled past, finding love, and finally earning the respect of supervisors who once longed to be rid of him.

For the full text of my Associated Press review, click here.

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