My Review of “The Perfect Liar,” a New Crime Novel by Thomas Christopher Greene

The great thing about being an artist, Max tells his students, is that you can imagine things into being. But only he knows the extremes to which he has taken that.

Max lacks the academic credentials for his job as a college professor, but he has more than enough intelligence, boldness and charisma to sustain the fraud. Everything will be just fine as long as no one finds the body of the real Max buried on a New Hampshire mountainside.

Thomas Christoper Green’s The Perfect Liar is a taut, well-written thriller, but this novel is more than that. It is also a textured examination of the lies people tell to those they love and a reminder that it is never easy to escape the traumas of a troubled childhood.

You can read the full text of my review for The Associated Press here

You can learn more about the author here.

And you can order the book here.



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