Jeff Lindsay’s New Riley Wolfe Thriller: A Review

Riley Wolfe has surely met his match in Fool Me Twice, the second novel in Jeff Lindsay’s series about the self-proclaimed world’s greatest thief.

This time, his target is Raphael’s The Liberation of St. Peter. The priceless work of art is a fresco. A fresco doesn’t hang on a wall. It is part of a wall, the paint embedded in the plaster. The wall in question is more than 18 feet long and located in one of the most heavily guarded places in the world — the Vatican.

The result is a well-written, tension-filled yarn that includes two powerful arms dealers, a terrifying psychopath named Bernadette and an FBI special agent who has been on Wolfe’s trail for years.

The story is darker than the first novel in the series, but darkness is familiar territory for Lindsay, who authored the Dexter Morgan serial killer novels on which the popular Showtime TV series was based.

For the full text of my review for The Associated Press, please click here.

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